Covering David: Michelangelo's David from the Piazza della Signoria to My Refrigerator Door

David M. Gunn

I. History: A Meeting

II. Intertextual Readings  

To London, New York, Springfield, Washington, and Beyond

1. London: Queen Victoria's Fig Leaf

2. New York and Evanston: Cynthia Pearl's Fig Leaf

3. Springfield: David With His Pants Down

4. Washington, DC: "With Decency and Decorum"

5. And Beyond: Another Problem with the Problem

III. More History

Social Location and Renaissance Florence

1. Artistic Tradition: David in the Middle Ages

2. Donatello's David: The Homoerotic Victory/Defeat

3. Homosexuality in Florence: Michelangelo's Space

IV. Michelangelo's David Uncovered

V. The Biblical David Uncovered

VI. David in Fragments

The Proliferation of Space and the Dissipation of Meaning

VII. Digital David

A Pictorial Postscript

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