HEBI 95963:
Issues in Hebrew Bible:

Reception of the Books of Samuel

Spring 2002, Tuesday 2:00-4:50 

Beasley Hall 204

Instructor: David Gunn

Beasley Hall 207 or 221; tel: 817-257-7441
email: d.gunn@tcu.edu

Class web site: www2.tcu.edu/depts/religion/discuss

David and Bathsheba

Course Description

A widely ranging investigation of the reception history of the Books of Samuel with special attention to the figures of David and Bathsheba. Topics include early Jewish literature, medieval theology and art, Bible illustration, reformation politics, renaissance sculpture, baroque painting, children's literature, and contemporary novels and movies. A study of the Bible and Western culture.

Course objectives

Course assessment Required Reading

Selected biblical texts and secondary sources (drawn from books, articles, films, and other visual sources) will be assigned for each class. Keeping up with the schedule of reading/viewing will be essential for satisfactory progress in the class. Arrangements will be made in class for obtaining and viewing visual materials, including videos (which will be viewed outside class times). There are no required books as such, but reading lists will be issued in conjunction with particular topics and these will draw on a range of primary and secondary materials.

Class Schedule

The following schedule is tentative and may be changed in consultation with the class members.

January 15   Course introduction
January 22 Renaissance sculpture

January 29 Reformation theology and politics

February 5 No class

February 12 Medieval theology and art

February 19 Early Jewish and Christian literature

February 26  Movies

March 5   Scripture biography

March 12 No class

March 19 Voltaire and the deists

March 26 Baroque painting

April 2 Group presentation

April 9 Children's literature

April 16 Drama and novels

April 23 Group presentation [Last class]

May 6 Critical review due at 3:00pm

David and the Simpsons

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